Nokia Lumia 920

23 12 2012

Thanks to a tweet from @AndrewWoody and then a tweet and email from Nokia Connects I am trialling a Nokia Lumia 920.

I have only had it a few hours so here are my early impressions.

The OOTB charger is very small, this is a good thing, but also very hard to pull from a plug socket due to it being so smooth.

I am likely to be charging it mainly from a PC so the plug is unlikely to be a big issue.

I have tried the Modern UI (used also in Windows 8) briefly before so it wasn’t all new to me. It will take some getting use to since I have been using an Apple iPhone 3GS for the last 2.5 years.

The phone it self is heavier than I expected, but not to heavy.

So far I am impressed. But I will continue blogging the pros and cons.