Nintex InspireX – Understanding Nintex’s Cloud Architecture

29 02 2016

Nintex InspireXFor most organisations, when it comes to the cloud, it is important to understand where their data is, where it goes and what is done with it. Also understanding how the services they use work aids them in developing current and further applications.

Mike Fitzmaurice (@mikefitz) and Patrick Hosch (@patrickhosch) from Nintex gave a high level overview of what Nintex’s Cloud Architecture consists of now, what it looked like in the past and what it will look like in the short to medium term.

For me the key thing to understand was where my customer’s data is held. In fact, very little data is held and when it is it generally it is held for short amounts of time. Most of the data that is held is held to facilitate Nintex Mobile.

The key thing that I took away from the session was that Nintex appear to be moving towards having their services closely aligned with the locations that Microsoft host Office 365.


Goodbye SharePoint Online Public Website (#KB3027254)

19 12 2014

From January 2015, yes that is less than two weeks away, Office 365 customers who currently use SharePoint Online Public Website will be able to do so for about two years. New customers to Office 365 after January 2015 will have to look else where.

So for new customers I’d suggest looking at other vendor offerings such as Sitecore ( or see what you can do on Azure Web Sites (

See for more details.


BCS ISG – OpenStack and the future of the Open Source Cloud

9 06 2014

BCS ISGThe BCS ISG is holding its next event on 15th July. It is titled: “OpenStack and the future of the Open Source Cloud”. Details can be found here:

SharePoint Saturday 2013 Presentation Slides

10 11 2013

Thanks to those who were able to attend my presentation at SharePoint Saturday 2013. Here are my slides.

Tips & Tricks For Architecting & Administrating Highly Utilised Collaboration Environments

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