Nokia Lumia 920: Nokia Drive Beta

7 04 2014

The new Lumia 920 has navigation software (Nokia Drive Beta). I tested it today (December 2012) in the car while my wife done the driving.

We were going about 30 miles to visit our local IKEA. The Nokia Drive Software was up against a TomTom GO LIVE 825 Satellite Navigation System. I was very impressed with the predicated time for the Nokia was closer than the TomTom. However I think the Nokia may have taken a slightly slower route towards the end.

Although it was just one trip based on my experience they both did a good job. However if you are thinking about buying a the GPS for the car why bother get a Nokia Lumia.


Nokia Lumia 920

23 12 2012

Thanks to a tweet from @AndrewWoody and then a tweet and email from Nokia Connects I am trialling a Nokia Lumia 920.

I have only had it a few hours so here are my early impressions.

The OOTB charger is very small, this is a good thing, but also very hard to pull from a plug socket due to it being so smooth.

I am likely to be charging it mainly from a PC so the plug is unlikely to be a big issue.

I have tried the Modern UI (used also in Windows 8) briefly before so it wasn’t all new to me. It will take some getting use to since I have been using an Apple iPhone 3GS for the last 2.5 years.

The phone it self is heavier than I expected, but not to heavy.

So far I am impressed. But I will continue blogging the pros and cons.