#SUGUK East Anglia (2014-09-22)

18 08 2014


We are holding our first joint meeting with the SQL User Group (@SQLCambs). Our speakers are:

  • Penny Coventry (@pjcov)
    Creating and Enhancing Access Web Apps
  • Francois Souyri (@francoissouyri)
    BI Tools in Office 365

Sign up here: http://raps.cc/sugukea


SharePoint Saturday UK 2014 (#spsuk)

11 08 2014

SharePoint Saturday Events

SharePoint Saturday UK 2014 has just been officially announced. It is at Hinckley Island Hotel again, which is a great venue. Details can be found here: http://raps.cc/spsuk14

Registration opens around mid-October so keep an eye for future announcements.

My session slides from last year can be found here: http://raps.cc/spsuk13

#SUGUK East Anglia (2014-07-15)

8 07 2014

SUGUKBack again at are regular Cambridge location (Holiday Inn Express Cambridge) for a couple of interesting presentations.  We are welcoming back Seb Matthews (@sebmatthews) and Paul Hunt (@cimares) to present sessions.

Sign up here: http://raps.cc/ebsugukea

IRMS Conference 2014

25 05 2014

The slides from my IRMS Conference 2014  presentation will be posted here www.slideshare.net/sharepointrandy by 24 May.

If you would like to get in contact with me then please do so via http://linkedin.com/in/randyperkins

Stop Spelling SharePoint Incorrectly

7 04 2014
Microsoft Word 2013 logo

Microsoft Word 2013 logo

Occasionally I see SharePoint spelt various ways (e.g: sharepoint, Sharepoint, sharePoint and share point). To me it is just plain annoying.

If you mainly use Microsoft Office (why wouldn’t you) then there is an easy way to automatically correct the above incorrect spellings – use AutoCorrect.

Here is how to add a text entry to the AutoCorrect list using Microsoft Word 2013.

  1. Click the File tab
  2. Click Options
  3. Click Proofing
  4. Click AutoCorrect Options…
  5. On the AutoCorrect tab, make sure the Replace text as you type check box is selected
  6. In the Replace box, type a word or phrase that you often mistype or misspell
  7. In the With box, type the correct spelling of the word
  8. Click Add
  9. Click OK

SharePoint Saturday 2013 Presentation Slides

10 11 2013

Thanks to those who were able to attend my presentation at SharePoint Saturday 2013. Here are my slides.

Tips & Tricks For Architecting & Administrating Highly Utilised Collaboration Environments

If you have any questions please contact me.

SharePoint User Group UK: East Anglia (19 November 2013)

8 10 2013

Details of the next SharePoint User Group UK: East Anglia on 19 November 2013 can be found here: http://www.suguk.org/Event.aspx?id=8699926715.

SQL Saturday #228 Cambridge

28 09 2013

Thanks to those who were able to attend my presentation at SQL Saturday #228 Cambridge (2013-09-28). Here are my slides.

What Happens if you Don‘t Configure, Manage and Maintain SharePoint Databases?

If you have any questions please contact me.

Call for SUGUK Speakers

15 06 2013

SUGUKIf you would like to speak at any of the SUGUK events then get in contact with us. Details are on the web site http://www.suguk.org/About.aspx

You do not have to be a professional speaker.

So contact us today!

SharePoint User Group UK: East Anglia (06 June 2013)

15 06 2013

The first Vendor night for SharePoint User Group UK: East Anglia went very well. Presenting were: