SUGUK Windows Phone App

24 04 2014

SUGUKThe SUGUK Windows Phone App providing information on events can be downloaded from your Windows Phone 8 device from (case sensitive).

Apps for other devices are coming later this year!


Winows Phone 8 Tip: The Back Button

26 12 2012

Press and hold the Back button to open the App switcher. The App switcher will show you all the apps you currently have open on your phone. You can then tap and app to open it.

But hold your horses, this doesn’t work in Internet Explorer. Instead it will take you back to the previous page you were on.

Offical Twitter App for Windows Phone 8

23 12 2012

Despite only using the Official Twitter App for Windows Phone 8 for about 10 minutes I am disappointed in some of the key features that are missing.

Well to be honest so far only one or two. They are the auto complete for @ (users) and (#) hash tags. Auto complete exists on the Apple iPhone 3GS and has been for a couple of years I think.

Twitter really do need to ensure that all major platforms (new or old) have features like this. To be honest so little can be done with Twitter I can’t understand why it wasn’t part of the inital build requirements when they created it for Windows Phone 8.